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Elizabeth Wong Ahlers 4 Senate in 2024
The Next Generation is at Stake
When you supportElizabeth Wong Ahlers for California State Senate 2024, you are choosing LOVE – LIVES – LIBERTY – LAW:
—— Love —— Lives ——-
Support Healthy Families structure – father, mother, boys and girls. Parental rights are to be protected because parents are the protectors of their children.
Let the Babies live!
School is for education not indoctrination – Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and True American History.
Homelessness will decrease when we eliminate the incentives to stay on the streets. More tax money for the problem has only made more homeless come from outside California, not more people off the streets. Tax funded drug abuse and street-sleeping is not Compassion for Human Lives.
Californians can uncover/recoverwater and energy sources and manage them wisely without destroying our economy and livelihoods. Unless our climate changes to tropical rains, we need to store and reclaim our water supplies efficiently. We need farms for food – farms need water! Unless our climate becomes constantly windy, we need to upgrade hydro and nuclear power to prevent electrical outages. Solar technology is not up to par for civilized living. The production and disposal of solar panels and windmills is actually harming the global environment.
—— Liberty —– Law ——
Let ourfamily-based businesses “mind their own business” without destructive government intrusion.
Public tax funds are for the benefit of legal residents. California shouldnotprovide “sanctuary” for criminals, out-of-state abortion-seekers, or out-of-state gender-confused children.
Law Enforcementis necessary for a citizen’s personal and propertyprotection from criminals. When needed for such protection, citizen’s have a constitutional right to bear arms.

Service Record

Councilmember, Crescenta Valley –Current office (2022-2024)
• Areas of focus: CommunitySafety,Emergency Response, Education, Housing, Transportation
Parental Rights Advocate
• Married for 33 years
• Successfully raised and educated six children.
• Sent five to college with no existing debt, one left to go!
• National Parents of the Year Award 2022.
Professor of English, (BA, MA, Certifiied – UCLA)
• Taught at UCLA, Glendale Community College, Los Angeles Valley College, and Internationally.
Doctor of Practical Ministry
• Humanitarian Work in South America, India, Asia and locally here in CA.
•Family and Educational Counseling
Local Campaign Committees, Civic Clubs
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Most Californians want to be allowed to live their lives, work a job they want, give their families opportunities to prosper, and enjoy the local recreation and entertainment with a circle of friends.
That was why California is one of the most populated states in the nation. Everyone used to want to live here and being from California was cool.
Let’s make California a great place to live, work, and raise families again!
Our state has so much to offer and we need to align government policy and laws to support our citizens and create flourishing communities again.
People like to live where the weather is great, the ocean and the mountains are just a short drive away, high city jobs and conveniences. Los Angeles is the iconic heart of the entertainment industry and a can once again become a great place to live and raise a family.
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